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Full Version: Looking for some opinions on my final setup!!
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Hey guys,
So I have been setting up my vivarium for the past few weeks and finally finished on Friday. I was wondering what you guys think and if anyone had any suggestions?

- I used a 30 gallon tall tank (24"x24"x12")
- 2" tall false bottom made from egg crate and supported by pvc (holes made in pac to prevent stagnant water)
- covered false bottom with gardening mesh
- ABG mix with springtail culture
- background was made using foam insulation that was carved and then waterproofed using drylok and some cement dye
- waterfall was constructed by carving it out of the foam and is fed by my DIY wet dry filter
- Filter was made by making 2 separate compartments in a 5 gallon bucket, the intake side has filter media (bio balls, clay, and charcoal) and then the filtered water flows under the divider and is pumped to the waterfall via a submersible pump.
- Filter is fed via and overflow. I had drilled a 45mm hole in the bottom of the tank and placed a bulkhead on the hole and the overflow over the bulkhead (this prevents overflowing). Additionally, i created a trap door, giving me access to the overflow at any time.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want any information regarding how i made everything!! This was my first vivarium so I look forward to hearing some of your comments!!

Please comment below!!

Photos can be found here: