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Full Version: Show off your new UE imports!
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So what did everyone get? I picked up 4 [more] lorenzo...

3 R. Variabilis 'Highland' - very happy with purchase!


I wonder if anyone thought of those fants as an investment...within the year, F1's may be going for only 75.00
No kidding...eggs in less than 24 hours lol. I hope everyone has great success with them. They are striking.
[Image: IMG_1246.jpg~original]

[Image: IMG_1242.jpg~original]

[Image: IMG_1240.jpg~original]
Beautiful Brad!
Thanks Jim, and yours isn't so shabby looking!

Jerry also picked up a trio of the fants, maybe he'll entertain us with some pics.
Did anyone get any silverstonei? I would love to see pics of them.

Wow, I see everyone got what they wanted, good stuff! Can't wait for my 24 hour eggs!
Dusted off the old camera. No crazy macro lens here just some shots of the new species.
Froglets from my initial two clutches have been crawling out of the water over the last two weeks. Moved the trio to their perm tank about a month ago and it looks like they are getting back into the groove.

[Image: 009_1.jpg~original]