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Full Version: What is this bug in my Melanogaster culture?
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I assume this black beetle(ish) bug is something local that found it's way in and started to breed. I have never seen it before. Whether I am correct or not, can anyone help me ID this? Is it safe to feed to my Leucos?

Look like bean beetles to me. Did you get the culture from someone of make it yourself? Here is an image of a bean beetle to compare to:

[Image: FullSizeRender_zpsbm0si0eu.jpg]
I culture it myself, and I don't have any bean beetles. Also, I noticed that the freeloading bugs have wings, so not a beetle.
External wings like a fly? Bean beetles do have wings. The antenna in your image do seem shorter so you are probably correct.
External wings. I did not know that bean beetles have wings, learning something already Smile thanks!

Here is a closer shot
Def not a bean beetle. BB are more round and this thing is longer. The big question is how they got into your FF culture.
The image that's on there wasn't showing up for me but I see it now yes Def not
I get my materials from Josh's frogs, the last batch I bought had a different style lid. Instead on the coffee filter type of larger holes they were just plastic with several tiny holes punched in. The problem is that the tiny holes were not tiny enough, some of the FF larvae have been getting out. If they can get out, what is getting in. Since I noticed that (only recently) I started putting my own fine mesh between the cup and lid, but apparently I did not do it soon enough. I only feed my dart Mela FF, Hydei FF, and sometimes I get springtails and different types of isopods. Of which this intruder is not.
Maybe some sort of gnat...http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnat
I have steered clear of the plastic vented lids, looked like an easy way for escapes and or intruders.
I have no problem the hole are very fine if you want to try it let me know
Thanks Beth. You might be right, looks similar to a Fungus Gnat Sciaridae to me.
Gary-Whitmore Wrote:I have no problem the hole are very fine if you want to try it let me know

I contacted Josh's Frogs and they informed me that they decrease to hole size, so this should not be an issue for future orders.
I am never going to use those lids with drilled holes if I can help it. They are crap. Mites, flies ect are almost always going to get in. I think they suck for the hobby.

Use the fabric cote lids and wash and reuse. I can use those 'old style' lids with that fabric for twenty years. AND that's with power washing them with hot water!!
That is what I like about the ones I have the screen is metal so you can wash it no problem
Fabric -cote lids can be washed too. I have sink-sprayer power washed mine with hot water - some are over ten years old.