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Full Version: Raw great stuff?
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Hey all,
I'm getting ready to start my background. I see a cave of sorts materializing that won't be accessible on the inside once it's done. Are there any problems with leaving great stuff(pond & stone) raw, uncoated? Will it hold up on its own?

Thanks, Jim
'Raw' Great Stuff will hold up for quite a while / years and years potentially. Constant water mist spray or drip and high lighting will decrease it's lifespan. No one can really predict the lifespan as it depends on so many things.
No danger to the frogs in direct contact? As long as it's cured well of course.
Correct. 'Danger free'. I've had my own personal vivs with exposed cured G.S last over 10 years now. Nothing bad or dangerous noted other than slight break-free of the background / slight deterioration.

I do not use Great Stuff anymore. I try and go as organic as possible - even avoiding PVC and plastics when possible.
Thanks Phil! So what do you use? I'd rather go natural.
I'm going to go with flat cork for my backgrounds and sides moving forward.

I *would* actually use great stuff to build and carve a 'division' in a tank if I HAD too - a slight barrier or some other odd formation that somehow was needed for a particular size enclosure or species requirement but even that I think, would be rare.