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Full Version: Server Migration - Bear with us!
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Migrating to a new server and doing a large php forum update.

The forum should be good to go as is currently - bare bones, but able to be used.

We will be looking to add the forum 'skins' as well as the plug-ins bells and whistles.

Thanks for your patience.
Ok phil it's been a few days..... Are you using an Amish buggy to migrate your server?
Funny you should ask...

As you can see, the migration is completed,


Now we need some php coding done. Templates, graphics and feisty plug-ins need to all be commanded into conformity and seeing that my personal budget for hiring someone to do all this is, well...about zero.

Time to crack open that coding book from your office ?
..... Only if you get truly desperate. Having me mess around with coding is going to be like having my 3 and 5 year old make fruit fly cultures.

Can you ask around ? Fellow office persons ?