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just storing this here for cut n' paste

anyone can use it...

Oophaga granulifera 'Golfito'
Sellers Name and location - Philsuma (Phil P.) Harrisburg Pennsyltucky USA
References upon request
Line/Origin - Frye line
Code - N/A
Age - @ 8 months
Quantity and sex (if possible) - 0.0.1 No calling heard
Starting Bid - $150.00 - Low reserve - much lower than the 350 these guys usually go for.
Group Prices - Option for Second adult Golfito available to ship upon negotiation
Preferred Payment Method - Cash and local pick up to HBG PA preferred but will accept Paypal friends and family
Shipping Rates & information - SYR (FedEx) Priority overnight Mon thru Wed- HUB to HUB only. Shipping fee to be calculated from Middletown PA to buyers nearest HUB - usually @ $55.00 average.

Nice looking animal with high orange and teal legs that has a very cool orange shoulder. Buyer has option to purchase second Golfito upon negotiated price.
Winner gets a small cup of Costa Rican 'fast' purple isopods AND some Marcgravia !
$15.00 Insulated box and double cryopak fee waived!!