Dream Frog Raffle

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Dream Frog Raffle

Postby Coqui » Wed Oct 22, 2014 12:33 pm

Dream frog raffle

Trying to figure a way to get Ivan from Tesoros an influx of cash.
Just an idea, apologies if it has been brought up before, but what about a raffle for a probable pair of Lehmannis? For example, 50.00 dollars a ticket, buy more then one if you like. I believe with the amount of people on this forum that wish they can have a precious pair of Lehmannis alone would generate some serious cash.
Tesoro could have more then one raffle, they can do it by country.
His effort has generated interest all over the world. The winner can get his frogs when the importer gets them, Ivan can send the frogs with the rest of the shipment. The winner would only have to pay for shipping.

Don't want to upset anyone, Tesoros is doing great work. This is just an idea.

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