Mite & Mold Products for sale

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Mite & Mold Products for sale

Postby icu844jt » Sun May 18, 2014 4:45 pm

Tedion Solution. 2 oz bottle, The most effective chemical for the control & elimination of mites associated with frog production. Instructions included. $ 15,00 per bottle . Available wholesale at a 12 lot for $ 9.00 ea.

Mitebegone Solution. 2 oz bottle. For the elimination of new born mites & eggs once cultures are first made and innoculated with a fly population. $ 9.00 ea . Available wholesale in a 12 lot at $ 6.00 ea.

Moldaway Solution. 2 oz bottle. A powerful inhibitor with Propionic Acid and Methyl Paraben. Made to kill molds and bacteria's associated with fly production. $ 9.00 ea. Available wholeale in a 12 lot at $ 6.00 ea.

All the above items have no effect on flies or fly production. Servicing this community for 25 years. Instructions included with all chemicals. Kindly cotact us at: for information or ordering.
Tedion Solution & Propionic Acid
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