Dry Live Oak Leaves Dart Frog Vivarium Leaf Litter

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Dry Live Oak Leaves Dart Frog Vivarium Leaf Litter

Postby Towncreekfrogs » Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:18 pm

I've got a good amount of North Carolina Live Oak leaf litter on hand. These leaves are great leaf litter for smaller PDFs. Some frogs will use these small, cupped leaves for egg deposition sites. The leaves also hold up well to humid environments and provide a great habitat for micro fauna (springtails and Isopods). If interested, please email me.

Below are prices. Buyer pays shipping. I can invoice you through Paypal, or will accept a check or money order.


10-19 Gallons: $2.00/gal

20-39 Gallons: $1.50/gal

-Astria Lackey

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