Drip walls

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Drip walls

Postby LiveToViv » Sat Aug 30, 2014 10:33 am

My last few vivs had 1/4" vinyl tubing with 1/8" holes spaced every inch as their drip tubing. For the latest three, I wanted to try pumping water into flexible aquarium bubble wands because I thought they would act as a pseudo-soaker hoses, saving me the time it would've taken me to make the vinyl drip tubing.

THE RESULT: Eh... It's not worth the extra cost for the time saved. Maybe the pump I used did not produce enough pressure to create a consistent drip. Of the three vivs I constructed, using this method for a drip wall, only one worked well without necessitating me to intervene. One tube didn't work at all, and the others needed to be clipped with wire cutters to allow water to flow out. So in the end, the majority of the bubble wand tubing ended up having to be manipulated to let water drip.

I hope this helps anyone who has, or wants to create a dripwall in their vivarium.
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