Any idea if wild ferns can be collected for vivs?

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Any idea if wild ferns can be collected for vivs?

Postby Betta132 » Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:08 pm

We live in Central Texas, so we don't get much water. However, I can find ferns in a few wet places, and it feels about as humid in those spots as in my viv. Also, we visit Tyler now and then, and there's ferns up there that grow in places like the concrete walls of rain ditches. I know a lot of wild moss needs cold cycles, but what about ferns? We don't have anything endangered in the area. Now, I'm not talking about yanking up entire patches, just collecting one or two little plants to see if they'll do okay. Or maybe even just taking a leaf or two to sprinkle some spores in my viv and see if they sprout...
I know we have a kind of fern with small leaves that are sort of circular but with much less even edges, and there's a thing (not sure what) that looks like a bunch of small dark oak leaves plastered to the wall. I think it's a weird liverwort. We also have what looks like just a normal fern thing, though that gets a touch large.

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