Vivarium Identification Tags, Pottery and more!

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Vivarium Identification Tags, Pottery and more!

Postby Girlwithafrogtattoo » Sat Apr 12, 2014 8:09 am

I still make my Viv Id tags! You can purchase them in my Etsy store.
I have recently added more pottery pieces to my shop, these feature Dart frogs, and one has a Red Eye tree frog on it. I also have leather hand painted dart frog key chains. I love to make custom orders, so feel free to send me a special request and I'll see what I can do!

Here is a special coupon code for Dart Den Members- 5% off a purchase of $25 or more. HappyFrogs14 The coupon is good until May 30th 2014.

Stop by and check the new items out!

Black Acrylic tag, Polymer clay decorations: ... -terrarium

White Acrylic Tag, polymer clay decorations- ... -terrarium

Poison Dart frog photo necklaces, using my personal photography- ... _active_10

Tree frog stoneware vase- all elements hand sculpted! ... e_active_3

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