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Re: Ryan and Escudo similarities

Postby stemcellular » Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:09 pm

I too wish Panama would be more restrictive. Since Chris passed its no secret that the flood gates have opened. As for "secret populations," many folks in Bocas know where they are (boat drivers, other gringos, ngobe, tourists, etc). What has changed in the last year and a half is that there has clearly been a concerted effort to harvest many more populations of pumilio than have previously been exported. I agree with Rich that the likelihood of each location being collected, tagged, and then imported with those identifiers is well, very low (ok, totally unlikely). What we end up with is phenotypically similar frogs that we combine/identify based on phenotype using a small selection of photographic evidence and some very rough geographic estimates.

That said, after hiking a good deal of the aguacate peninsula and visiting a large number of polymorphic pumilio populations across a number of islands I am very hesitant to judge anything by phenotype. SVL can be helpful in narrowing things but even then, when considering 16/17 mean SVLs between populations (ie. Ryan/Ensenada) that can get really messy.

Personally, this does not diminish my interest in the new imports (though I do worry that too many are coming in to be managed in any way). I think the Ryan that I obtained are really neat looking frogs and I am looking forward to visiting the Valiente peninsula this year. It would be pretty interesting to do transects all over that area as I'm sure there is a good deal of diversity.

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Re: Ryan and Escudo similarities - pics

Postby Philsuma » Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:14 pm

Got a PM asking for pics of 'Ryan' pumilio. Here ya go...

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