02 female breeder Albino Monocled Cobra trade for Darts

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02 female 4 1/2FT Was planing to breed her this year. She has been cooled down, and will be ready to breed in a couple weeks. She is a great animal. The person I got her from broke four of her ribs 2 years ago. This has no afect on her at all. She will make a great breeder, her mother was almost pure white. She is from Jay at Exotic Reptiles(Bloodline).

I can ship but I would like to do the deal here in S. Florida.
Please Know the laws in your area! I will not sell her to you if I feel you are not able to safely keep or care for her.

Trade value $250.00
Cash $200.00

[Image: 11716CB02.JPG]

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