10% Off Everything plus free gifts

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We have had our best year yet, and in thanks we will be running a few specials until Dec. 30. The deal works like this:

Enter the coupon code 'JOLLY' at checkout for 10% off your next order of $25 or more. The coupon also entitles you to the following freebies:
  • Spend $25 and get a free bag of sanitized Magnolia leaves.
  • Spend $50 and get a bag of leaves AND a Jewel Orchid.
  • Spend $125 to get the leaves, orchid, and a FREE 10 gallon vertical conversion kit. (a $37 total value!)

New Stuff:

[Image: Coco%20hut%20full.jpg]
Natural Coco Hut $2.99

[Image: Aparagus%20setaceus%20full.jpg]
Asparagus setaceus full plants in 4" pots $2.99

And as always, our best-selling item, these are great for converting a standard AGA (All-glass or Aqueon brand) 10 gallon aquarium into a vertical tank for arboreal dart frog species. Can also be used for many tropical gecko species. Makes for much easier access to your vivarium for cleaning, feeding, photography and maintenance. Ideal for set ups that utilize baker's style racks. Will not warp like acrylic can! Simply provide your own single-edge razor blade and clear aquarium silicone to install.

Each kit includes;
  • 3/32" thick glass door and lower panel
  • black extruded panel hinge
  • fruit fly-proof ventilation assembly
  • illustrated instructions

Price: $23.99 ea plus shipping

(example of kits installed on 18 gallon tall tanks)
[Image: vertsresize.jpg]

To place an order, please visit Junglebox Online, or email [email protected]

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