2 idiots in 2 weeks!

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Sorry everyone,, I try to check the board a few times a day but every once in awhile a wack job makes it through. They leave incredibly stupid, rude, and argumentative posts. If you see an off the wall post in one of your topics, look at the Joined date under their name. I bet it will be less than 24 hours old. I try to keep this forum as open as possible, but I will not tolerate off topic immature stupidity.
i was going to e-mail you about the posts but saw that you where on already early in the morning. well they did post in the wee hours so i don't think too many read the posts.
good job deleting them.
What about getting a few extra moderators?
The only problem I have with moderators are their agendas. I really like the idea of the community deciding which direction the board is taking. As most you know, pretty much anything goes. They only time I will interviene is:

A) Correct post placement, I will from time to time move a post to a different forum topic.

B) Delete a post, user, and ban IP if a member joins in the past 24 hours and their first post is obvious that they have no interest in the hobby.

I have found that sometimes I will get somebody who probably works at Burger King and get's sh*t on all day. They come home and their only way to relieve that 'stress' is being an idiot on this board. Don't get me wrong, there should be a place where everyone can be an idiot, just not in your first couple posts on Dart Den.

In time as Dart Den advances even further in the search rankings there will be more and more 'idiots' and I will have to reconsider. But I will make damn sure whomever's' I pick will understand completely what I'm talking about. Even if it means something negative about them in the Soap Box or wherever. People should be able to express their problems with other people, and those people should be able to defend themselves back (ie: reason for Soap Box). I understand some people don't like this idea, but hey, can't make everyone happy all the time right? So for now I hope when there is one of these post everyone gives me 24 hrs to get rid of them before they decide 'Well there goes Dart Den'. Haha, although I bet that their are some with that opinion already! :twisted:
wow, i wonder what i missed! i thought the 'aunty ethel' and '5 bellies' were the problem posts, but they are still up. i have to admit that i think they are funny in a monty python kind of way. Anyway, i really appreciate corey's willingness to allow free exchange...even when it's a pain in the butt. i'm sure that turning loose a team of moderators would be simpler for corey, but it's nice that he chooses the right over the easy.
I have to agree. Most idiots are not going to hang around a "cerebral" site for too long. If they did it may (do my best, and have fun doing it) backfire on them before too long. I have been in and out of town a lot lately, but I think things are going just fine here.
Thanks Corey!!!

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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Kinda makes you wish we had a live-in-person-forum...just for the day. Half of the idiots would never say what they say to a live person.
Figured it out,, made a new forum- 'See what your missing?'. I feel that just deleting posts might even make a guy like me to start burning books at my local public library. Although if it is a new user with a first post they will not be awarded with this tribute. Not even sure if I am going to keep it since it seems like an award, but I think for now this will work. If someone's post ends up here I will follow up with an email explaining why I think that person is an idiot. I'm just starting to shoot blanks at a barrel at this point.

It's funny, for the past year there hasn't been ANY posts that I have felt marginal. But again,, in the last 2 weeks --idiots. I want people to have fun, but it has to be with class. Frogs in the blender etc. just isn't on the list. Maybe I should get a java Frogger game for those who have it in them? Haha, not to worry people- running a board isn't as hard as everyone seems to make it out. I truly do enjoy it! :wink:
I feel like my wife - changed my mind. Anything rude or offensive is just gone. A lot easier this way... I apologize to everyone for having you go through my mental see-saw.

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