2 "young adult" males calling a lot

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So I was waiting to see the sex of my frogs, and about a week ago, winkers started calling. few times a day, later in the evening. a few days later, bumblebee started calling as well. Now they are both doing it pretty much the entire day.
they have been together since they were froglets, and they never appeared to have any aggression, but I know that can develop as they get older. When they were younger, they actually seemed to cuddle at night, but I don't see it as much anymore. They seem to be eating a lot more, and I still don't see any aggression. I guess I am wondering about how much leucs call. and if they can be territorial with 2 males in a 12x12x24 tank? do they just call for the hell of it? do they want to find a mate?
I was hoping bumblebee was a female so I could breed them, but I think 3 is to much for a 15 gallon tank?
2 young leuc
Love Leucs ! One of my first frogs. The call is loud and pleasant. Males will not fight and stress each other like females will, so it's ok to have multiple males. In fact a very good ratio to keep Leucs is 2.1 or 2 males and 1 female, IMO.

Young males start calling and get quite loud. They "stretch" their windpipes that way. Multiple males calling is quite normal and will not result in stress in that species. No worries.

And yes...15 gallons is too small for 3 Leucs. I would try to get a 20 gallon "long" aquarium at Petco or Petsmart when they have their "1 dollar per gallon" sale. That sale may be going on right now, actually. $20.00 for a 20 gallon long tank (new) is nice !

No worries on getting a female. Lots of people breed Leucs and adult females being offered for sale or trade is not uncommon.

Good luck with them !


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