20 G Tall Vivarium Set Up

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I purchased this, but I decided to go larger. Therefore, I am posting this up for sale (pictures can be obtained).

20 Gallon tall vivarium set up (incomplete). Have the silicone down pat on the back and some PVC set up for a false bottom. Comes with everything someone would need to finish the vivarium along with directions. The only thing not included is a water pump. Comes with substrate, plantation soil, coco fiber, great stuff, more silicone, driftwood for wet environments, piping, tubing, and more.

Located in Woodstock, Georgia (NW of Atlanta). Selling the entire vivarium set for $75. As you well know....the cost of everything involved is exponentially more than what I'm asking. NO SHIPPING.
Hi Bullseye. There are a few of us who are into darts here in the Atlanta area. I live just north of you in Canton and work in Woodstock. We get together every now and then for cookouts and stuff, trading frog stuff, going to local reptile shows (the next one is in Jan.). Feel free to join us. The more froggers we have the better.
Damn...meant that as a PM
Yes, I know. We've already spoken before.

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