20 Watt LEDs, Folius Mounts,Cord lamps

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Hello, I have two different 16" 20 Watt LEDs for sale. Thyere incredibly bright, you will be surprised! Both have been proven to grow moss & retain/reestablish Brom color exceptionally well. I have about a year of feedback on these LEDs now & its overwhelmingly positive. My 6500K 20 Watt LED & mixed spectrum version are around 16" long, Screw into any standard socket & swivel after installation for easy angling of the light downward like many on the market. These LEDs are capable of illuminating 36"T X 24" X24" enclosures! The LEDs are covered for a year against malfunction by me. The Folius mounts are a great, stylish, inexpensive & simple way to use an led the properly, without trapping heat in a hood which can cause the products life to shorten drastically. Please message me on Dart Den or email me here with any questions: [email protected] , hope all is well, :mrgreen:
16" 6500K 20 Watt LED is $35 (with $3 off every light after 3)
16" Red & Blue Diode 20 Watt is $45(with $5 off every light after 3)
Folius Mount- $8
15ft Corded Lamp- $7
Mount & Lamp kit w LED purchase-$13

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