40 gallon tanks for sale

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Custome made 40 gallon tanks, 24x24x16. These tanks are all made with 1/4" glass with full removable front door. Both tanks have euro style vents ( which i modified, making a new kind of vent ) and a top tank vent.
Each tank is fit with 3 Mistking misters ( singles ) and have a bulkhead attached to back for drainage, using 3/8 ID tubbing. They also come with full backgrounds including a few plants in each, one with more then the other.... The picture of the tank on the bottom also has a small pool area which i created with glass to hold a little water, perfect for tincs and such frogs that will deposit tads there, without the mess of false bottoms etc.

Each tank is $325
Take both tanks you get the custom plywood rack for free.

Lights are not for sale

[Image: IMGP5090.jpg]
[Image: IMGP5106.jpg]
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