47 gallon Vert aquarium

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Hello everyone,

After a 10 year hiatus, I'm finally getting back into this awesome hobby. I found a great deal on a 47 gallon vertical aquarium and the dilemma I'm having is choosing which dendro to house in it.

My top two choices so far are a group of leucomelas (4 or 5) OR a pair of azureus. It seems like such a waste of a large tank for just a pair of froggies so I'm leaning more towards the leucs. Any comments or suggestions in helping me make my final decision would be greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned for tank construction pics! Big Grin

I love my leucs!!! I would pick them. Much more interesting than azureus!
I love my luecs. They are very fun to watch and make great calling sounds in the morning
I'd go with Leucs too. They would use every inch of you viv and are very bold too Smile

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