5.00 of each CD this month goes to Red cross !!

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After many months of recording and countless hours of editting ,I've been able to put together a Frog call CD unlike anything the hobby has ever heard !!!
The calls included on this CD represent fifteen different species of frog ranging from common to uncommon in captivity today. All tracks on this CD incorporate a "rain and dripping water white noise" into the background which gives the recording more depth. For those who may want to just relax and listen it inspires feelings of the rainforest and being surrounded by quantities of calling frogs. These are not tracks that have merely been dubbed and looped... some of these tracks have taken countless hours to record. It is apparent upon listening to this recording that these frogs have a tremendous range of communication... they can be heard conveying emotions ranging from a territorial "Stay away from my leaf!" to a sultry "Hey, baby...". All frogs on this CD were recorded in captivity; under no circumstance were any frogs harmed during the recording process.

Tracks are as follows:

1) P . Aurotaenia
2) D. Intermedius
3) D. Pumilio "Man Creek"
4) E. Silverstonei
5) D. Lamasi
6) D. Castaneoticus
7) D. Pumilio "Bastimentos"
8) P. Terribilis
9) A. Zaparo
10) D. Imitator
11) D. Amazonicus
12) D. Pumilio "Chiriqui River"
13) E. Trivittatus
14) D. Ventrimaculatus
15) D. Leucomelas
Track #16 is a bonus track that includes all 15 species !!!
further questions ? Please contact me at [email protected] or to order the CD visit my web site @http://www.ribbitrecordings.com/

Thanks and happy frogging ,
Darren Meyer
I recieved this CD last week and Darren did an awesome job putting this thing together. If you have a couple extra shekels laying around this is well worth it. Great to listen to and could also be used to help identify the sex of some of your frogs.

yeah the sound quality is great, and it's money well spent. hopefully if it is successful enough we might be able to look forward to vol II with maybe some retics and tricolor morphs (hintidy hint hint) :wink:

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