50G growing in

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I was going through some older pics and always like seeing before and after shots of vivs growing in, so thought I'd share a couple. Not the best pics, I can't capture the depth.

Freshly planted, 10/30/10
[Image: IMG_2878.jpg]

And today, 7/17/11
[Image: IMG_2961.jpg]

I will actually be getting rid of this tank here in a month or so. I just ordered a tank from Protean with the same footprint (24"x24") but it will be 36" high instead of this 24", and have sliding front doors which I am really stoked about.
Scott Bryant
Oh, and here is a 1.1 of the 2.4 that reside in here. I have been getting LOTS of eggs lately.
[Image: IMG_2958.jpg]
Scott Bryant
8 months and looking good. Front is nice and clear of algae ect, or do you scrape it ?

As cool as deep tanks and hexes are...front opening is just so much easier.

That's an awesome looking viv though !


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Thanks. Every couple months I just wipe the front down with a 3M detailing cloth. It is made for being able to wipe down freshly sprayed automotive clear without scratching and works great for acrylic. I have had this tank for a few years and it hardly has any scratches. I am pretty excited about a front opening tank though, it will make feeding, collecting eggs, and cleaning much easier. Plus, the new one will be a foot taller as well. It's nice, because Jason is making it so I can keep the same stand and hood. I have a lot of time and $ in making it (red oak).
Scott Bryant
Good looking tank bro.....

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