55 Gallon - Long (48" x 12") ok for a Vivarium ?

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I asked this question in a different area under different topic…so I thought I’d place the question in the right area. And in the thought process, it’s become more then one question.

I got a 55 gallon (long) tank with terrarium top for free. It’s in okay shape, not so sure that the top would keep in fruit flies or pinheads, though…but the top can be replace fairly cheap. However, the tank shape baffles me -it’s so long, narrow and short, it seems NOT ideal for a good viv.

1. Is there anyone else out there that has the same shape tank set-up as a viv?
2. What are your ideas for set-up?
3. Do you think it would work to put in a sealed-up dividing wall to make it into two smaller vivs?

What are your thoughts?
Forget the 55 (it was free anyway)...Just picked-up a 100 gallon off Craig’s list for 50 bucks. I just got done testing...it's water tight. After the construction crew get's done installing our new floors...I'll be setting this bad-boy up. I'll post the dimensions later. I'll also be keeping a photo journal of the build...I'll post it in my Bravenet.com photo album to save space on this forum and just provide links. Big Grin I'm so excited!
the only problem with 55 gal tanks is the width. Once you get a background in, you will loose a lot of your 3-D. Otherwise the heigth and length are great!

Let us know what the dimensions are on that 1oo and that might be the way to go.
No matter, now. I picked up a sweet 100 gallon tank (for $50) last night. Because it's a custom built tank, I’ll have to manufacture my own stand and topper for it, but…I can manage that. I’ll be building all weekend…and keep it in my shed till our hard-wood floors have been fully installed. I’ll take pictures and post as I build to journal my progress.

The 55, I'll give away as a good bearded dragon habitat.
This is in my living room it has a water fall feature and well established plants. I t currently houses Mantella laevigatta theres plenty of room if done right. The water feature takes up very little space and they do climb on the rocks.
[Image: 55galfrog021-1.jpg]
[Image: 55galfrog022.jpg]
[Image: 55galfrog029.jpg]
[Image: 55galfrog034.jpg]
[Image: 55galfrog043.jpg]
[Image: 55galfrog011.jpg]
[Image: 55galfrog009.jpg]
[Image: 55galfrog006.jpg]
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