65 Gallon Acrylic Vivarium Build

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Hey Everyone!

This is going to be my first Vivarium and the first time I have kept dart frogs. After much searching around for a tank of the right size for my project I opted to build my own. The tank is 30x18x24. The back and the bottom of the tank are 1/4" black acrylic and the rest will be constructed of 1/4" clear. Anyway, today I went over to my friends house for a couple hours and we managed to get all of the pieces cut and routed. I also managed to start assembly. Sorry about the pic quality it was taken with my cell phone. Enjoy!
Great start, can't wait to see the rest. What kind of frogs are you putting in there?
I really like the cobalts. We have a new shop in town called Reptile Addictions (opened 2 weeks ago) and the owner is a breeder. I am hoping to get a sexed pair....

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