90 gallon vivarium - too large for 2 frogs?

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I've had 2 d. luecomelas frogs a little over a week. I have a few hundred pin-head crickets and dump 15-20 crickets in the enclosure per day. I'm worried that the frogs don't have enough time to eat the crickets before they hide and may eventually become malnourished. Is this a common problem with larger vivariums? The viv is HEAVILY planted.
Not really 'too large'. Fruit flies need to be the staple. Crickets are not a good food for almost all dart frogs for many reasons.





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Crickets grow really fast, and will soon be big enough to gnaw on your frogs. For this reason, among others, you need to feed fruit flies, dusted with calcium and multi-vitamins. Fruit flies don't grow too big. And your frogs will enjoy hunting all over that big viv for their meals!
I'd love to see pictures of this good sized viv!
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