A posing red frog

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A. galactonotus (red)
Wow, what a purty frog! Any young'uns in the making?

The last time I saw one of Powderblues pose like that, he left me a very fresh frog-log. How kind.....

Thanks Kristi, they are a very attractive frog!
Yes, we have offspring.
nice i love galactonus. they are very attractive darts.

Awesome! Such a great shot too! Appreciate you sharing with us.

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Thanks, TJ
Very nice shot, Cindy!

Thanks Glenn!
Yes, one of the girls.
I love the slight variation in the red colouring. Very nice frog, Cindy. Smile
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Beautiful frog.
Thanks for posting. Smile
This is a real beauty... Really worthwhile to publish this pic!
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