ALL my frogs for sale!!!! Preference to local buyers 1st!

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Okay, so I am in the process of getting pictures of each of my frogs, and checking my records to get exact dates of how old they are. If you are local, and you would like to buy all, some, or even one of my frogs, then you will get first crack. I am leaving for Costa Rica on January 4th, and i am going to be living there for at least 3 months.

I have a very proven trio of Dendrobates Imitators ($200 for trio). I also have at least four D. Imitator froglets, maybe more. (2 to 4 months old) --$35 each.

I have a very proven pair of Leucomelas (Bumblebee dart frogs) --$200 for the pair. I also have five Leucomela froglets (2 to 4 months old) --$35 each

I have 4 D. Azureus (blue dart frogs with black spots), two of which a probable pair, since i always see them hanging out together. The azureus are all a little over a year. --$120 for the probable pair and $45 each for the other two.

I have one Matecho ($55), and one citronella ($45). both about one year old. i have two ventrimaculatus ($35 each), a little over a year old.

I have 4 tinctorius cobalts that are very very bold and are always out and about and always come quickly to food. they are a little over a year old. ($40 each)

Prices... Make me an offer. I will discount more, the more that you buy.

I've gotten most of my frogs from Taron Langhover, and Josh's Frogs and i got the proven pair of Leucs from someone else. and the froglets i raised from eggs.

Please feel free to call or message me.

Andy Dick
741 Sims Ave
St. Paul, MN 55106
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