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Hey guys names Dan here. I was going to build an aquarium, until I came across these unbelievable terrarium/vivariums. Now it is all that is on my mind! I've been doing all my homework and watching vids on everything, even the frogs. I have the 24x18x24 exo coming tomorrow and am ready to start the fun. I have a question that I have not come across an answer to: The use of Activated Charcoal/Charcoal. Im going to get some ABG mix more than likely which will be over Hydroballs. I heard someone mention the charcoal for the smell. Then I heard someone say never to use activated charcoal. I cannot seem to find that page again.
Hi Dan

Your off to a good start. The exo tank you have is a nice size that should accommodate most any species you decide to purchase.

Get some bbq charcoal that is all natural - pick up from hardware store like Homedepot or Lowes. Spring tails love the stuff - Essential for stand alone spring tail cultures. Also doesn't hurt to add some small chucks in the leaf litter to help maintain a nice springtail colony in the viv. You should not have to worry about any smell, except a little from the FF's.

And welcome to Dart Den !!

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If anything, a nicely constructed Vivarium smells slightly earthy and nothing more. Vivs have NO smell, compared to most fish tanks and reptile enclosures. You will not smell it - there is nothing to frog waste. It does not accumulate in any bad way and does not smell at all. The water in the bottom / false bottom doesn't either.

"Aquarium" or fish store charcoal should work fine. Rinse it well in hot water in a clean / new bucket before mixing it into an ABG mix.

Welcome to Dart Den ! We look forward to your progress and share your excitement.

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Cool thx for clearing that up for me. I will try and take some pics as I do some work in the near future!
While doing some looking for lump charcoal myself a while back I came across this site that is about grilling, but they review brands of lump charcoal. It is worth looking at if you are going to buy charcoal for your viv - some of them have lots of odd things found in them and some are made using scrap lumber etc.

So in case anyone is interested, here is the site the "Reviews" section is where they tell what sort of wood was used, and if anything strange was found.
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