Adding Dart Frogs to an existing tank ?

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I have read a lot on here about not to mix different species of Dart Frogs. I have a D. auratus green and black. Does this mean I can not add a blue D. auratus down the road to the same tank ?

Would it make a difference if they were both female or both male ?
yes. you shouldnt mix because of cross breeding. even though they are all auratus they are different regions and such.
does it make a difference if they are both female?
One of the main problem with 'mixing' different morphs/locals is the possibility of hybridizing, however if you have two confirmed females not really a possibility. Proceed with caution.
they may fight to the death, my females are very territorial.
Does this mean that everyones viv only have 2 frogs 1 male 1 female? Can i put 2 or 3 femals of the same species in it instead. What should i do if i want more then one frog in a tank? :?:
you can have small groups. i have a group of five, but they are unsexed. i have had no problems so far and they have been together for about a month now. just do a 1.2 or a 2.3 group. thats what i will do when i want to start breeding.
I dont understand that 1.1 , 2.3 thing. I noticed that is how it is posted in the section to buy them. Can you explain what that means please? Also I am still not sure if i understnad what unsexed means. Does this mean its a group that pick a mate? Sorry im still new at this
kinipela, the numbers denote the sex and ratio of frogs.
So 1.1 is
1 male and 1 female
2.3 is 2 males and 3 females
would be 2 males 3 females and 4 unsexed or juveniles.

Some frogs do better in male/female pairs like azureus. Other frogs like auratus, leucomelas, galactonotus, most phyllobates and epipedobates are tolerant of eachother regardless of the sex ratio.
ahhhhhhhh ok that makes sense now. thanks!!

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