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Hi everyone! I'm Sylvie and I'm here in Las Vegas. I am about to get my new dart frogs in a few days and I wanted to see if any of you experts could let me know if I am forgetting anything. I have raised and cared for reptiles of all sorts and fish for the longest time, but I have never attempted to venture into froggies (even though I have wanted to for many years). I've done my researching and reading so hopefully I am ready Smile.

So anyways, this is what I have so far...

10 gal tank (I know it's kinda small and I am going to set up another as soon as I can, I realized this after I was done setting this one up) with glass lid under the hood.

Hydroballs, then coco bark, then coco fiber for substrate.
Sphagnum moss and leaf litter on top.

I have a variety of plants including some awesome broms I found (yay!).

I have a digital thermometer that has been reading around the 79-81 degree during day.
No hygrometer yet but I'm getting one tomorrow.

My tank has been set up for a few weeks now and now I am hoping I am ready for my frogs!

Thanks for any input you can give guys!
That looks nice : )

I would just add more leaf litter, a couple inches is optimal. Also have you seeded the tank with springtails and isopods? They will keep your mini "ecosystem" in check.

Also if you want the water bowl it's all good, but pdf's don't really need it. I would suggest replacing that with a coco hut or two.

Which species are you considering?

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Hello Sylvie,
welcome to Dart Den.
Your tank looks nice. As you have discovered, a 10 is a little on the small side.
How long has your tank been set up?
A couple of those plants will quickly out grow that tank, but it should be easy enough to remove them.

What are you using for lighting?

Your temperatures are on the upper end of the acceptable range. You will need to closely monitor the temps.

Have you started culturing your fruit flys?
sounds like you are off to a real good start. Welcome to Dart Den.

2 froglets would be the maximum for a 10 gallon size enclosure. Do you have anyone in mind that is local (Las Vegas) that can get you FF cultures and assist with that ? There are at least 4-5 hobbyists in the Vegas area, I believe.

Temps of 80F are usually considered "too hot" because when you factor in a light on top of the vivarium, you get at least 5-8 degrees hotter right under the light.

Here's a pretty conclusive checklist for you to go over;

Take some time to read and digest the beginners forum and other threads here and then don't be shy....ask questions !

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Thanks guys! I am so happy these forums exist! I remember hitting the library when I was younger trying to find info on my snakes and whatnot, determined to care for them properly and having such a hard time getting the info I needed! Anyhoo...I may remove the bowl, I was hoping it would help with humidity. But I think its keeping moisture in pretty well without it being filled. I'll get some more leaves in there today too. The 10 gal is definitely too small! I saw a 40 gal I want and I think ill get it ready so ill have it up and running by the time the reptile show is here in Vegas. I am getting two green and black auratus for this tank and I plan to add another or two when I get the new tank and introduce them all at the same time. I'm not using a light right now because I thought it would be too warm. I lowered my AC and my temp is lower already. I'm freezing but the rest of my family is sighing with relief, lol. I guess I like the house a bit warm Smile. My fruit flies are going but I do have a question about them. What is the best way to get them out and dust them? They're so tiny! I'm probably gonna have them all over by the time I get the hang of it! Thanks again guys!!
Here is a link with a video on how to feed fruit flies.

http://www.blackjungleterrariumsupply.c ... ep_68.html

I use a 32oz deli cup. I first add which ever supplement Im using this feeding and add it to the cup. I then add fruit flies to the cup. I do get some escapes during this. I know some people use a funnel to dump them into the container that they are using. I then shake and swirl the deli cup to coat the flies in the supplement. Then dump them into your viv.
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4-5 really good threads in this subforum on Feeding, that address dusting methods in very good detail as well...


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks guys! I have started reading the posts and I watched the videos. I love the idea of a funnel! that is exactly what i am going to try. It makes perfect sence, I was wondering how to get them into a dusting container without getting them all over the counter, now I know Smile. I am excited to get my froggies now!
A 40 gal will be a good size for a group of 4 or 5 auratus.

If you are running those temps and you do not have your light yet, that tank will be too hot.

Putting the fruit flys in the fridge for a few minutes will slow them down, and give you a little extra time to work with them. Also adding a piece of fruit to the frogs tank, will help to centralize the flys to one spot.
Here's a fellow Las Vegas hobbyist that may be able to help you...


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Philsuma Wrote:sounds like you are off to a real good start. Welcome to Dart Den.

2 froglets would be the maximum for a 10 gallon size enclosure. Do you have anyone in mind that is local (Las Vegas) that can get you FF cultures and assist with that ? There are at least 4-5 hobbyists in the Vegas area, I believe.


Phil is right, there are few of us in Vegas ! I am very pleased to hear of another. You sound like you are going to be a great frog keeper. There is some great help here, the forums really are the best. With that said, you are absolutely welcome to visit and see what I have going with my collection. When I first started and found someone here that had a few dart frog set ups, it really helped me put it all together.I also have a ton of plants and you are more then welcome to grab some clippings and make sure your are set with whatever!

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@ Sally, I would love to see your collection! I have been really excited to start up with my dart frogs. I may just take you up on the offer for the plants when I start my 40 gal in a few weeks. I have decided to keep the 10 gal going until I can finish the 40 and get it growing really well and add my frogs and some new ones that I may get from the show here in Oct. Reallly excited!

I have my fruit flies started but I also have crickets. I have chameleons and tarantulas and have kept so many reptiles that it is best to just keep crickets around all the time. They breed readily but they smell terribly Sad. I figure between the fruit flies and the pin heads I should be fine.

Thanks for all the support from all of you! I am so glad that I found this forum Smile
Oh yeah... I also moved the tank to a different room and the temp is keeping in the 76-77 range during the day. I think it was just too warm being in the room with the chameleons and the snakes. All those heat lamps and under tank heaters keep that room really warm even with the fan on and the AC going. I found a much better (and quieter) space for the froggies. I think this will work better. I have been reading that dart frogs do not need any specific lighting, I hope this is correct. The tank gets plenty of indirect light so I would rather not have to keep a light on it so I can keep the temps down.

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