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Hi Everyone,

Its time. I was hoping to have complete sets available but it hasn't happened. So if anyone would like 2 pdf's of the first 34 issues of the ADG Newsletter please email me at [email protected] with ADG Newsletter in the header. I'll email them to you as soon as I can. Please realize that the files are about 10 and 12 Mb and will be mailed individually to make things easier (for me).


Charles Powell
Thank you for making these available -- as a relative newbie, these are a fascinating look at earlier days in the hobby.
My favorite is from 1996 classifieds. Male Histo for $65, while azereus are $150.
Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems
Azureus certainly seemed to be the new hotness at that point. I also saw a lot of names I recognized from back in the day in the fish hobby; apparently I missed out on the whole frog thing back then.
This is a cool little newsletter and nice offer from Chuck. PM him for free issues folks.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I bought paper copies from Chuck a while back. These are a great read.
Scott - North Dallas

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