An Alternative to Shipping !

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There are reptile shows throughout the year...all over the country.

Numerous Dart Frog friendly businesses vend at these, often traveling great distances, and in some cases like the annual Breeders Expo in Dayton Florida each August - often fly across country.

WHY not try to make a win-win here and start to develop some sort of courier service to shuttle frogs thru the vendors, back to areas of the country that contain people who could not otherwise obtain frogs unless shipped ?

The vendors could easily charge a little bit of $ to perform this, but the goodwill,fellowship and business karma would be off-the-chart IMO.

Just spit balling this idea here. Feel free to respond and I'll try to add to this idea / thread later....

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That's a great idea. I don't really like shipping and would much rather have it travel with someone who knows how to care for a frog in transit than bite my damn nails off in anticipation of delivery, etc. I'd rather give the transporter the delivery charge knowing that the frog(s) are in good hands.
Joshs frogs (even though they don't post here :roll: ) is at Repticon - Baltimore MD area this weekend.

Can anyone guess how many hobbyists and how many frogs are in that area ? A buttload....of both.

So if anyone in Owosso, MI wanted frogs from froggers / forum members in the huge Baltimore metro area....

Well...there ya go ! 8)

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I transported frogs for someone to the IAD/MARS show in September. I was a nervous wreck! Had them packed in a cooler with a digital thermometer so I could keep track of their temps as we traveled. I think I spent more time looking at that thermometer as the temps went up and down, than the road, lol.
Do you know where your frogs have been?
With as much work as they already have vending a show. I would believe that the vendors if interested in the frogs would be more interested in buying wholesale than being a courier service.
Besides the frogs being transported would then have to be some/type that said vendor did not have him/herself as to not compete.
If you can still count the number of frogs you have, you obviously don't have enough.
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Great idea but I just had a bad experience doing this. I transported frogs back from frog day for someone and when I got back to drop them off they couldn't pick them up. I got stuck with his frogs for a week and was stretched thin on fruit flies because of this. It also meant I had to bring them around my collection and risked spreading pathogens to my private collection.

I won't do this again unless I know the person...sorry everybody
I see that this topic has produced a few opinions and that is more than fine.

My idea is just out there to engender and provoke thought and discussion.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
This has been used by other hobbies for years. I know local fish guys who do it and I believe it is called the "Glider Train" in the Sugar Glider world. In fact, it is how I got my first sugar glider.
Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems
When I was traveling back and forth between the Hamm Show in Germany and Los Angeles, I would offer this service to people. I always had issues with people either not following through on their orders at the Show and having to track people down (which is not easy at a 1 day show where every speaks 20-30 different languages) or people not picking animals up. I offered it three times and had losses in transit people expected me to compensate them for. I was already attending the show, but could add some animals to my crates. Never worked well.

Its a great idea in theory, but in practice its much easier to worry about your own than to add the stress of others' animals to the mix.
I still say the 'Frog Railroad' is viable. Take THIS weekend for instance. People from the midwest are coming to Hamburg PA for this Saturday's show. Frogs from Hamburg can then be shuttled / taken to the PHILLY MADS meet on Sunday.

Use the Railroad

Alternative to $$ shipping !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
It does work Phil. I know a guy from Ohio who got frogs from a guy in Wisconsin. On Frog Day the frogs were brought to Chicago and then taken back to Ohio. I think most froggers are more than willing to transport frogs for other froggers.
Hamburg PA Reptile Show coming up folks !!!

Use the 'Frogger Railroad". You'll be surprised how many people from far and wide travel to this show.


FREE 'shipping' and without the risk !!!

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I would like to get another Luec; I'm in Chicago at about Cicero and Lawrence.

I can paypal funds up front if necessary.

I'm not up on the vendors as most people on this board. I've only purchased from Josh's who is currently out of I'm leaning on the purchaser to choose a responsible vendor (which may be too much to ask).

After appropriate de-worming in QT this Leuc would go into my current viv with my other Leuc ( but I will cap it at 2).

Is this a possibility for anyone?

And a spring and an iso culture as well (now I'm really asking a lot)...

Wow did that bring this thread to a crashing end...

On a good note my other Leuc is doing really well in my revised QT procedure and I'm confident we can get the hook problem solved with the treatment regimine from Dr Frye...

Have a good time any going to the show!

Nah Doug, you didn't kill the thread. For some odd reason , people are shy and squeemish about frog transport. I'm gonna guess it may have something to do with not knowing/trusting the transport person. It's not like they are your complete good friend after all. Some day it will get better.

Not to belittle your Leuc search, but you should be able to score MANY different animals and breeders in the Chi town area alone. Almost no need to have to look as far as Pennslytucky. Same with feeders, bugs.

Post a 'Wanted' ad here and I bet you get hooked up, proper.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks Phil,

I'll open up a diff thread,..

The 'frog train' ? Want to acquire a frog at frog day but can't be there to pick it up ? I had 2 different people request frogs from me that were showcased at frog day via a cell phone pic and then sold ! There were delivered by someone heading south from frog day.

Make it happen people. No reason to pay shipping costs and worry about mortality due to USPS or UPS f'ing up the delivery.

Frog relay

Frog train

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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