An Invitation

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I am new here but I have noticed that a few folks have saltwater aquarium interests. Please accept my invitation to visit, and hopefully join, my saltwater community. Like dartden, we are small compared to some, but have alot to offer folks. We are currently working on a comprehensive coral/fish/invert database, have a chat room, gallery and numerous calculators for your use.

Anyway, come check it out, we would love to have you stay a while!

(I am FantasyReef there of course)

I have been in the dart hobby for 2 years, maybe we can trade some information??? I am getting into nano reefs and setting up one, but don't understand some stuff???

I would love to help, so would alot of fellow reefers on the site. Come on over...My tanks are a bit bigger, smallest is 40, largest is 175 bowfront, but we do have people there that have nano experience.

I tried joining but it wouldn't let me???

What ever problem you had must have been a fluke. We have had people joinging all week with no difficulty.
To celebrate the new look of my site, we are running a contest through the end of March. Top prize available is a 25.00 gift certificate to Dr Fosters & Smith.
Come check us out and here is the link to the contest details:

The site caters to saltwater enthusiasts AND planted tank hobbiests.

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