Any hunters out there...

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Tis the season. Ive gotten 2 bucks already and my 11 year old took her first deer during our youth hunt.
Just wondered if anyone else is spending some time out in the woods looking for something other than frogs or bugs.
1.5 kids and a bunch of frogs
Yep. Bow and muzzle loader. haven't been out much yet though.
Here too. First year I didn't buy my license in about 15 years. Just to much going on right now. Not enough time in the day.
Got my lifetime for NYS just in case I move. Went out for 2 hours today and saw 3 on the way in w/in 100 yds of the house. They saw me first though. Smile
Have drawn on 3 so far but didn't feel like the shot was good enough. Have let a few spikes and 4 pts walk.
Shotgun starts in 10 days.
I'll be out as much as possible w/ the bow for the next 2 weeks.
"I don't want to believe, I want to know" Carl Sagan(my fav. stonerSmile
Bat-shit Crazy ?

[Image: ted-nugent.jpg]

Too many 13 yr olds with high powered rifles up in Pennsyltucky for my liking....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yep, Im a bow hunter myself. Seems you see more animals during the bow hunt so its more fun.
I agree with that. I was never really into bow season until 3 years ago. I bought my daughter a cross bow, and had so much fun with it i got one for meSmile. Its been a weird season here though. I saw 5 does on opening day (Oct. 1) and not one since.
saw my 8th buck though this morning Smile. We dont do cow meat, and with a family my size, we need 5 good sized deer per year, so far, I'm running behind. Ive been lucky, work was extremely crazy up to october, then it died off, so I've had a lot of time to be in the woods this year
1.5 kids and a bunch of frogs
Crossbow? I thought you can only use a cross bow during rifle season? In which case the animals are not out as much.
They changed it 3 years ago, now anyone can use one, whenever they want. Fast, and doesnt go "bang"
1.5 kids and a bunch of frogs
Must be for your state. I dont think mine allows it. I could be wrong though. Ive never shot a crossbow but they look like fun 8)
Ive got 40 acres that are between 2 developments. The developments make a pinch point between my place and a massive amount of woods beyond. I dont like using a gun there. Its a safe distance from the houses, I just wouldn't want to be sitting down for dinner and hear the KAWAMMM from out back. I really don't have time to practice with a bow, and there isnt a place on my land where i could take a shot more than 40 yards. I'll probably be out during gun with my cross bow.
My brother gives me a lot of crap about not doing it the "way the indians did", but i figure if the indians could have, they would haveSmile. That and neither of my oldest 2 daughters are strong enough to pull back a bow. Its cool, they get done with dance class jump into the camos and hit the woods.
1.5 kids and a bunch of frogs
Crossbows are legal here in PA also. I had one 2 years ago but sold it last year. I like my bow. i dont do the rifle season at all. Too dangerous for my liking.
NYS allowed crossbows this year for the first time. Only useable during gun season. I always use my muzzleloader for gun season. Shotgun only around here, u can use rifles in the southern counties.
"I don't want to believe, I want to know" Carl Sagan(my fav. stonerSmile
I'm an avid deer hunter both bow and rifle. When it's not deer season, it's coyote season! Yes, I am an animal lover but I also hunt. Took all four of these in Tennessee this year. I also do my own taxidermy!
Nice work!
Thank you! I'm so glad we moved to Tennessee. I hunt with compound and Xbow till rifle season then the noise makers come out. We moved Here from Ca. Terrible hunting there. Colombian Black tail deer. About the size of dogs and you can only shoot bucks.
In Tennessee we can harvest ( are you sitting down?) 3 deer a day and 3 antlered
bucks per season. They are like squirrels here. Deer everywhere! All without tags. It's on the honor system, you just go online to record your harvest.
Those are baby's compared to Illinois deer! They got some catching up to do! Just kidding! Good work on the taxidermy!
Garrick H.
Thanks Hutch, taxidermy is just another hobby of mine. My wife compares me to Norman Bates (yikes!) he did taxidermy also.
The deer here it Tennessee are small compared to those in the north and in the corn belt but they are Giants compared to the Ca black tails.

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