Are these soil Mites ? How dangerous to Frogs or my house ?

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Hi guys, I could use a little help.

I have noticed little white mites crawling around my vivarium.

What do I do ?

How did they get there ?

How do I get rid of them ?

This has realy worried me as they are getting on the outside of my vivarium.

Any help would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.
Do you keep your fruit fly cultures above or beside your tank?
Cindy Dicken Wrote:Do you keep your fruit fly cultures above or beside your tank?

I actually keep the Fruit Fly cultures in a heated box on the ground floor of the garage. The frogs are in my bedroom though.
Soil Mites my have "rode in" on some plants or soil and found excellent conditions, and started to multiply.

And if they are Grain Mites, they will more than likely not find the Vivarium conditions ideal and food sources will not be available, so they should die out in due time.

They will often burn themselves out or otherwise outlive their current "Bloom". Frogs will also feed on them.

I would only be concerned if they are somehow persisting way past several months or if there are so many in the vivarium that they are stressing out the Frogs by crawling on them ect.

Otherwise - no biggie.

If there are indeed soil Mites, they will not infest other areas of your house. Even grain Mites will have a hard time finding a foothold in your house unless you have cultures near a pantry with open food containers, for example.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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