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Great looking website for an awesome species. Whenever I get back into crickets, or Crix...I'll have these guys for sure.

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Thanks fo sharing Phil, it is a great website, although I can't help but be saddened by the seemingly unstoppable advance of Chytrid through many of these populations. I can't help but wonder if some of the pumilio populations imported over the last few years will disappear like some of these Atelopus...sad to think about
Last year I was told something interesting by someone studying a number of diseases which effect dart frogs.
It would seem that in many of the wild frog populations effected by chytrid a 90% mortality rate was reported.
It was also found that the 10% that survived the fungus had an 'immunity' which allowed the non-effected frogs to repopulate , when the remaining 10% was a large enough number to do so.
It's something to mull over when we rarely get any 'glass is half full' reports revolving around chytrid.
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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That's some exciting news. Although, it would seem that smaller populations would be espcially vulnerable b/c 10% would likely not be a big enough group to repopulate. Furthermore, during that repopulation period a big storm or any other catastophe, could be the one-two punch to wipe out the survivors. Still, exciting news nonetheless!

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