Auratus and egg eating...

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I have read that female Auratus are egg eaters. As near as I can tell though, I have a 5.1 group, and seem to have an egg eating issue. Has anyone else seen this with males? Or will a female eat her own? My female is laying every 8-9 days. To date, over the last year, I have only managed to pull 1 fertile clutch. I watch that tank very closely. I've seen her lay, given it time for the male to fertilize and within hours sometimes, the eggs are gone. I have a suspicion as to which frog it is in the group, but it's a definite male and haven't 100% pinned him down on it, he's been at "the scene of the crime" more than once. It's been tough because if I pull too early, they haven't been fertile, but if I wait, they are gone. It's not a snail issue either.
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Yep...I've heard of males eating eggs too. I think my male heavy groups are less than ideal as well.

Whittle that group down - remove a couple males...

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