Available Frogs

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Here's what is currently available:

R. sirensis Highland/Standard
Produced by Josh's Frogs
Very sure this is a male (95%)
1 year old
Price- $250

R. benedicta "Shucushuyacu"
UE (females are direct from UE)
1.4- Proven
Females are ~3 years old
Price- $450

O. pumilio "Drago Colon"
F1 from '14 SR imports
0.0.3 (If I had to make a call, I'd say 1.2, but they're still young)
~6 months
$400 for the group

O. pumilio "Puerto Viejo"
F1 from Miller/Nabors Costa Rican imports
~6 months

These pictures are not all up to date but will give you an idea of pattern, etc.

Puerto Viejo
[Image: 15948938722_1858a5fb2b.jpg]

sirensis (not the actual one for sale but both have aberrant patterns)
[Image: 15763864677_75f32daae7.jpg]

Picture of one of the Colon parents
[Image: 15249164381_150a6495a1.jpg]

Three of the benedicta females
[Image: 15585830771_5e73e30d98.jpg]

I'll consider trades for Escudo, nice black jeans, nice Bastis, granulifera [yeah right], possibly others, rarer Ranitomeya (old line stuff, fantastica, etc.), other obscure species/locales
sirensis- $220
benedicta proven quint- $400
pumilio froglets- $120/each

Open to offers or will trade for a nice group of one species or another. Not looking to turn a huge profit, just need to clear some space to set up a growing area for plants.
I Pm'd you.
Sent you a PM as well.

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