Available Frogs - Tincs, Epidobates, Vents

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I have a few frogs that I would like to offer up for sale or trade. Right now I am looking for super blue Auratus but will consider offers.

Sellers Name and location -Mike - Grand Prairie, TX
References upon request
Species - Dendrobates tinctorius 'Boulanger'
Line/Origin - Josh's Frogs
Age - 2-4 months OOW
Quantity and sex (if possible) - 0.0.4 - Also have 6 tads still growing so will have more soon
Price - $50.00 ea
Group Prices - All 4 for $175

[Image: 2015-03-12%20at%2013-21-52_zpsr8pvcsfr.jpg]

Species - Epidobates anthonyi
Line/Origin - Santa Isabel
Age - 2-3months OOW
Quantity and sex (if possible) - 0.0.5 - Also have numerous tads still growing so will have more soon
Price - $40.00 ea
Group Prices - All 5 for $175
They will get their red color as they mature
[Image: 2015-03-12%20at%2013-22-20_zpsjgkblgle.jpg]

Species - Ranitomeya ventrimaculatus
Line/Origin - Quality Captives
Age - 3-5 months OOW
Quantity and sex (if possible) - 0.0.9
Price - $25.00 ea
[Image: 2015-03-12%20at%2013-23-14_zpsb4v79z5k.jpg]

Paypal preferred but can discuss other options
Shipping Rates & information - Actual shipping costs based on zipcode through SYR
I have sold a few on the vents. Now have 6 available and more on the way in the form of more eggs collected.
Have 3 vents left and still have the others available. Will consider trades as well so just PM me.
Are the vents- grey legged vents?
Here are some photos. They are Quality Captives line but other than that I would not say for certain GL or BL. [Image: 47e3a7575feb15ed45f346ad90c41bac.jpg][Image: bbb77d3f42d20bccf72de273031fd4e5.jpg][Image: 4c70522f495f0f36a714cd1b9c9ec4e3.jpg]

The one on the brom is one of my breeding females.

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