Azurerus Froglets for Sale

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I have many froglets for sale:

Dendrobates tinctorius 'Azureus'
Line: Male is NAIB and Female is Patrick Nabor
Age: 2-4 months
Price: $40 each or $35 for 3 or more
Payment: PayPal preferred
Shipping: I charge actual shipping costs and can give you a quote after you send me your Zip Code. Also, if weather is looking risky, I will charge an additionaly $6 for a phase 22 packet

Thank you for looking,
1.0. Great Dane "Titus"
0.1. Boxer "Zorah"
0.1. Chihuahua "Java"
0.0.3 Leucomelas
0.0.5 Green and Bronze Auratus
1.3.8 Azureus
2.1. Isla Popa
1.0 Cobalt
1.0.1 Iquitors Red/Orange Vent
0.0.4 Orange Terribilis
0.0.2 Red Galacts
0.0.3 Solarte
0.0.2 A. Pepperi 'Orange'
0.0.4 Orange Lamasi
1.1 Nominant Imitator
0.0.3 Vanzolini
Hello I looking for 1male 1 female Dendrobates tinctorius.
Can you pm me? Smile

Best Wishes

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