Azureus Adults

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I have a few azureus adults for sale ( aprox 14 months ) . These guys are not sexed so please do not ask for pairs. Each frog is $85 + shipping.

[Image: A-02.jpg]
[Image: A-01.jpg]
Do you still have any adults available? I have one 2 1/2 yr old Azureus and I think its a male but i'm not quite sure. I'd like to buy another adult. I know you aren't selling sexed pairs, but since they're adults, are you able to make an educated guess about their sex? I'll try to figure out the sex of my current frog but am hoping a buy "him" a female counterpart in the next couple of weeks. Let me know if you still have some left.

- Mike
I received your message saying that you have some adult females available but I could not reply because it said the administrator has prevented me from sending private messages. Not sure what that is about, but i thought i'd reply here and hope that you see it. Anyway, I am still interested in finding an adult female. How old are yours? Do you have any pictures? When replying, why don't you provide an email address so I can respond to you directly.


- Mike

To my knowledge i never send you any emails reguarding females as none of the azures were sexed..... also all frogs are sold ..

thanks for inquiry


I have a proven female azureus if you are still interested.

Becky H.
[email protected]
Azureus, Patricia, Powder Blue, Cobalt, Citronella

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