Azureus Eggs going bad...

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I am having a problem with my Azeurus eggs.They have laid probably 12 times and I can usually get 1 tad out of each ofthe bunches.The other eggs start developing fine to the point when they should breakout in a week or so..What factors shoud I try Does they require darkness while devolping U.V. sensitive?? Do they require little moisture.There are a million differnt variable I know any comments would be greatly appreciated.This is the only eggs that are illuding me in my collection and it is driving me nuts :lol:
I've recently have had the same problem with my Auratus eggs, the first 8 batches were fine. but the recent ones have seemed to burst and turn a milky color before the tads hatch, I believe this is from a bacteria, but i am not sure. I haven't found much infomation on it. I've been using blackwater extract and until now it has stoped all bacterial problems with my eggs.

Hope you guys figure it out, if you do be sure to let us know.

I think I read somewhere that you can use a drop or two of Luecamella (or some similar word) in the water to prevent bacterial prblems. You can get it at any pet store with a fish medication section.
I GOT IT!!!!!, its a ventilation problem, i place my eggs in a container with a few holes in it, and they molded, even when i used blackwater extract. So i turned got fed up when my latest batch molded, and i just set the top on the container, and put it on the shelf, and the next day the molding had reduced , and the following day it was gone, and the eggs were the regular size and color again, and now i have 4 more Auratus tads, that are fat and healthy. So try placing them in a container with more holes, or just don't snap the top on completely. Give this a try and let me know it if helps. Good luck!

I have never had that problem b4. This is what I do with my eggs. When they put eggs I let them be in the hut for the night since the male usually comes to the hut to fertilize long after the female has laid. The next morning i take the plastic dish out under the hut with the eggs in it and place them with the plastic dish in a container. I do not even clean anything that could be on top of them since that could create contamination. I close that container usually with a panty hose on top so there is good ventilation, then i put the container back into the tank where the parents are so temp and humidity is right. oh sorry b4 i close the container I very gently spray the eggs up with DISTILLED water until the water level touches the edges of the clutch all around. Then close the container with the panty hose and leave it inside the parents tank in a well shade area. When the tads are very well form I don't know if you guys notice some veins protruding from the tad. Well that tell me they are ready to come out of the eggs so i help them out. Those veins will collapse almost immediately after I have broken the egg and it will not harm the tads. or simply let the tad do the work. I heard years ago that the parent frog actually help the tads break the egg but since you are the parent sometimes you got to help them out.

This is my way of taking care of the eggs and could be very different from other people.

I hope this helps


Sounds like a good idea, i was keeping mine in small deli cups, which had holes on the sides for ventilation, but i rescentyl switched to gladware containers, and i didnt put enough holes in them for ventilation, Unfortunately it took me almost 4 clutches to figure this out. Sad i dont clean my eggs eather, as i dont want to contaminate or injure them. Thanks for the input, ill try the different top.


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