Azureus legs look funny (spindly leg syndrome)?

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Hey guys I got a frog on a trade late last night and it was hard to see until this morning.  What do you guys think, is this a problem?  Is this metabolic bone disease or spindly leg syndrome? Or just flexible and thin?

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Hard to give a conclusive diagnosis but it does look thin.

'Spindly leg' presents more with the front legs I think. Matchstick arms (legs).

How does it move? Eat?

I would def make sure it gets decent calcium powdered superfine supplements with regularity.

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Agree it looks underweight so it’s hard to say right now. Is it eating?
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I saw it eat a few flies, as of now it's mainly trying to get out of its Tupperware container. Fingers crossed I use good nutrients
Don't keep it in too small of a container.

That's the old q-tine chestnut - the act of q-tine in a small, bare container actually puts the animal in more stress and is more harmful than introducing it into it's regular viv.

I agree that you do NOT want to place that animal into a viv especially with your other azureus. I guess just make sure the temp container is big and deep, or else it will probably keep climbing and trying to get out and possibly rubbing ect.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
It's one of those oversized show boxes, 12 quart I think. Definitely taller and wider than a normal sized shoebox. I put down ABG and some sphagnum, leaflitter and I planted a couple smaller plants in there for now. I have some of those bigger clear containers which I put the Santa Isabel's in I could use one of those it would be bigger than an 18x18 lol. It looks like she is sleeping as I don't see her on the walls anymore.
It just really freaked me out when I saw the back legs kind of crossed over each other like in a couple of the pictures above
    Temp setup
Update:. She looks to be putting in a little weight.  Have her a vitamin bath and she appears to eat here and there.

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yeah, looks a lot better.

I'm not a fan of 'baths' - hard to control dosage through absorption ect.

I'd just continue to feed dusted FF medium/to heavy volume.

i'd transfer it to a viv soon - careful not to put it into an existing azures viv with highly defined pecking orders.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Agree it is looking much better! Also agree to get it in a viv. I’d suggest plenty of vertical climbing opportunities as well to help encourage it to forage and build up muscle tone.
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