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After spending a total of 8 weeks at Sloan-Kettering in NYC on a clinical cancer trial drug, I am pleased to be able to report that my thyroid cancer is under control. I was given a year, but now prognosis is 3-4 years and then another of the same. I'M BACK! My goal is to outlive Rich Frye! Lol!

I need to thank Craig Breon for all his support, use of his garage and basement these past many months in helping me to sell off everything. Thank you, Philsuma, for helping me move everything to Craig's (I do hope he's forgiven you by now; lol).

Because my treatment took so long and I was absent so much, my law firm fired me after having (1) worked there for 17 years and (2) recovered a $1 million judgment in Federal District Court for them for a doctor against a hospital. Of course, no reason was given why I was terminated. I have not seriously looked for employment, since I remain fatigued from the treatments, but will be back in full swing soon.

Out of all my frogs, I miss my first one most of all---my Patricia "Samantha." Since I don't have all that much energy, I was thinking of getting back into the hobby with three pairs of terribilis (mint, orange and golden)---so I wouldn't be necessarily dependent on always raising FFs. I'd like to do one large long tank (55 gallon or 40 gallon breeder) split in three separate sections to not mix these frogs. What do you think? I build my own vivariums with waterfalls, lighting etc., so I'd like to put a reasonable amount of time in one tank rather than hurriedly try to build three.

Welcome back Ed ! So good to see you.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Like Phil said, welcome back.
Glad to have you back!
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Welcome back Ed!
Great to be back! Missed you all! Froggers are the best people!


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