BYH, Imis, Narrow gold band auros, T+b auratus, summersi

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Sellers Name and location -Brian Sexton, Siren, WI 54872
[References upon request, or iTrader review]

All frogs listed below are very well started, these are not froglets by any means.

I'm very proud to offer a "no bs" live arrival guarantee...If I agree to ship it, and you get the package on the first delivery attempt, I guarantee live arrival. Shipped with phase 22 temp control material for the greatest degree of safety.

Species - Narrow gold band P. aurotania
Line/Origin - Darren Meyer
Age - 6-8 months out of the water.
Quantity - 10
Price - $50 each

[Image: matechopics9017.jpg]
[Image: adpicsaug29045.jpg]

Species -Red amazonicus
Line/Origin - Todd Kelley
Age - Over 6 months out of water, some may be sexable
Quantity - 9
Price - $100 each
[Image: amazonipic003.jpg]
[Image: adpicsaug29008.jpg]

Species - D. Tinctorius, "brazillian yellowhead"
Line/Origin - Sean Stewart
Age - Over 4 months out of water
Quantity - 12
Price - $60 each

[Image: adpicsaug29054.jpg]
[Image: adpicsaug29022.jpg]

Species - D. Auratus "turquoize and bronze"
Line/Origin - Mike Shrom
Age- Over 4 months out of water, all well more than half grown
Quantity - 14
Price - $35 each
[Image: adpicsaug29034.jpg]

[Image: matechopics9018.jpg]

Species - R. Imitator "Cainarachi valley"
Line/Origin - "Inibco yellow", F1's Brian Sexton
Age - Over 6 months.
Quantity - 7
Price - $50 each
[Image: matechopics9073.jpg]
[Image: matechopics9074.jpg]

Group Prices - mix and match any 5 or more frogs, get %10 off total cost, including shipping.
People willing to make the drive to pick up will get sweet deals.
Preferred Payment Method - Money order, will accept paypal if you pay the %3 fee.
Shipping Rates & information - Prefer to use fedex, for most orders, around $60 can be expected, for exact quote, pm me your zip code.
Brian T. Sexton
Reasonable offers accepted...trying to raise funding to get into a house...time for a new frogroom!
Brian T. Sexton
Considering making the Drive to vend at the All Animal Expo in Waukesha on Sunday.
Come on out, pick out the ones you like, try and sex your own pairs, enjoy the beauty of these magnificent animals, haggle for a great price!

If you can't make the show, and are interested in anything in the ad, act now, I figure on selling most of them at the show.
Brian T. Sexton
Just added:
Species - R. summersi
Line/Origin - Todd Kelley
Age - Older than 3 months.
Quantity -7
Price - $120 each
Group Prices - 3 or more, 100 each.
Preferred Payment Method - Money order prefered, paypal accepted if you pay the 3% fee
Shipping Rates & information - I prefer to use fedex, approx $60, pm your zip code for exact quote. Deeper discounts for pickups, at my home, or at Scott Smith's All Animal show in Waukesha WI on Sunday. If you are interested in picking these up at the show in Waukesha, let me know ahead of time, Otherwise, I'll leave them home.
Pictures - No pics of the offspring yet, here is a pic of one of the parents:

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Brian T. Sexton

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