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Hi, ive been reading up on dart frogs for about 2 months and im really starting to consider starting a viv. Would this be a good tank to use as a viv? Its dimensions are 2'Hx15"Lx15"D. There is a notepad in the bottom of the tank. Thanks in advance.
[Image: photo.jpg]
A little too small.

Go to Petco or Petsmart for their twice a year "one dollar per gallon sales" and buy a 20 Gallon tank. MUCH better suited to dart frog care

and if money is not a big a Zoomed or Exoterra brand front opening Terrarium style tank for @ $60.00.

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i was thinking that, and yeah i think ill go for the front opening tank. I have some time before i would get these guys, so money isnt that big of a issue. Thanks for your help.
is 12x12x18 exotera tank a good choice for the time being for 1-2 frogs? Because i do have one at my house that isnt being used.
That's the smaller size exo....equates to only 11.22 gallons.

A good recommendation is 1 frog per @ 10 gallons. You could house a pair of small "thumbnail" type dart frogs, but those are not the best beginner frogs due to their small size. Dunno your experience or skill level or personal preferences.

The next size Zoo Med or Exoterra is better - clocks out at @ 33 gallons I think....or the 20 gallons.

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just plugged the dimensions of your first choice tank into the ole' fishy tank calculator.....comes out to be 23 gallons...

hmmmm...I swear I saw that exact tank with the weird plastic top at Petco and it looked a lot smaller.

That said, Front opening is still SO much better / easier for this hobby though.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Hex tanks and deep tanks are so hard to service...stick your hand in, clean, wipe condensation and frog poop catch frogs, do maintenance, ect.

and if you have thumbnail types...they are apt to shoot out while you have your arm in the tank and you'll never see em - I lost a vanzolinii that same way.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I have seen a tank of this exact size for a trio of thumbnails. It was very well done, with lots of areas to climb and such. I agree that bigger is better though!
I bought 9 used 12 x 12 x 18 exos. I built one and I'm tearing it down and selling them. I can't stand building them. I can't seem to get creative with them. Maybe it's just me...
They are a little on the small size, requiring smaller plants and wood, etc. I tried a 10 gallon vert and it was a pain.

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