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My name is Nemanja of Serbia, still new to terraristic, trying to make a vivarium for dart frog and I need all the advice. Here in Serbia there is not much information on growing dart frogs and me every piece of advice is valuable. I hope good company. Forgive my poor English language Nemanja
Welcome Nemanja ~ Drago mi je !

I'm 2nd generation American from Montenegro. Try your best at posting in English and we will try to assist you.


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I will try to understand me better, but it will probably be spelling errors .. I'm glad you represent a part of our immigration in the United States .
Welcome to the hobby! No worries on spelling errors here! There are lots of informative stickies on the site under each forum, and as always, post any questions that come up. Post pictures as you are able - it's always interesting to see what viv ideas are being implemented in Europe!
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