Beginner species ?

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Hi guys and gals I am new to the hobby,but willing to jump right in.Taking my time with constructing my 37 gallon bowfront tank into a vivarium.

I am looking for some guidance on what species would be best to start breeding with?

I'm leaning towards maybe some Leucs,Patricia's or Cobalts. Have not Quite decided yet.
Welcome! Smile

I love the bowfronts, fantastic choice. Either one of those listed would be a great first frog.

With the Patricias/Cobalts, your best bet is to find a pair or get a group of froglets and sex them out when they get older...tincs can become same sex aggressive and not the greatest in groups (but, I've seen suceessful groups before). They are large, bold perfect for viewing.

Leucs are also a great choice and they do well in group settings, have an awesome call, and are quite bold.

Both are pretty easy to breed, just depends if you which frog you enjoy most!

Best of luck!
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Thanks for the input brian.
People do their best to sex a pair but its no guarantee that they are a pair. If you do acquire a sexed pair I would be sure to check with the seller to see if they will swap out an animal at a later date in the event of a misidentification. It doesn't hurt to ask. Also if they are sold to you as proven be sure to ask how many froglets they have successfully produced. Phil has a good thread discussing the terminology here:

When you do start looking I found many of the long time Froggers quite open to PMs asking about good breeders. Looks like you already have narrowed the field to a few good choices. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. Good luck!
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