Best Starter Dart Frog Species ?

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So, the million dollar question. Which species to start? Here's the thing, I'm really not interested in having 30 frogs in the house, *ha! I say this now...* so I'd like a species that is going to be good for the long term in terms of keeping my interest. A frog that's out and about would be nice, don't want to have to search all the time for them.

I'd like nice colors, I've been liking the the cobalt tincs and the azureus. Used to be really in favor of the azureus, but the cobalts are starting to grow on me. The Leucs look nice too, but not a FAVORITE, is there anything just super cool about them?

Any great frogs I'm overlooking? I know everyone has their favorites, its like picking the best fish, or coolest flower, but I'd love for you to take a minute and tell me what you really like, and why you like it, if you wouldn't mind. You can have more than one too if you want :-) We were recently in Costa Rica and saw all their darts, we liked the blue jeans a lot, I've not seen them in the hobby though, are they available? I've heard thumbnails are harder to keep, is this true, or is it more that they are harder to breed? Thanks, and looking forward to great discussion.

Do you want a louder call?

then choose Leucomelas.

Azureus have a very quite almost inaudible call.

All tinc type frogs are bold and mke great display animals.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Vittatus can be fun to work with they have a loud call and are fun to observe in small groups.

[Image: IMG_6153.jpg]
That's a really pretty frog too... So many to choose from. Does anyone have just one dart frog tank? :-)
my favorite have to be D. auratus

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